Our approach is like every child: extraordinary.

Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center is an early childhood program unique to the Ann Arbor community in our scope of programs for children ages 16 months through age 8 years. Our theoretical perspectives on development and learning, and our educational practices are informed by the research of many early childhood professionals with a strong focus on the cognitive and social/emotional research of Piaget, Vygotsky and Erikson.

Our weekly Toddler classes include parent participation which supports the young child’s adjustment to a wider environment of adults and children.

Preschool classes offer flexible scheduling and the curriculum is designed to foster achievement of long range goals in all domains – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical and addresses the development and learning of the whole child.

Our Primary School serves ages 5-8 years, and is a natural extension of the work done in the preschool where the children are involved in active, “hands-on” learning. Our curriculum is organic and responsive to the individual children in our classrooms. We have written our curriculum to support learning strategies with a solid foundation in core skills. The New Zealand school system has served as a model for our primary school especially in the emphasis of literacy skills which are important in all areas including language, math and science.

Our teaching approach is based upon the unique nature of each child's learning and development. In order to nurture children and encourage them to reach their potential and develop their talents it is necessary to give each child an individual educational path to follow. This requires continuity throughout these formative years. With our low student-to-teacher ratio and with our committed staff we are able to put these requirements into practice. Children can work towards their own individual standards of excellence, in the happy atmosphere of encouragement that our staff fosters.

Through our close relationship with each child we can focus on particular areas of talent which can then be developed. We can ensure that each child receives a thorough grounding in the basic skills and any areas of difficulty can be approached with remedial help. Through our specific knowledge of each child we can maintain the balance of their emotional, physical, social and creative development. Perhaps most importantly, this knowledge and understanding of the children is built and communicated between staff as the children move through the school providing that continuity in the approach and content of their education which is so vital.