Our families have nothing but great things to say.

Parents Say...

"The word nurturing comes to mind. A very nurturing environment."

"Ann Arbor Hills CDC has been a second home to our family for a very long time. When we first walked into the building in 1997 with our oldest child, we knew we had found the perfect environment for our children to grow and develop during their preschool years. Six kids and almost 14 years later we'll soon be completing our 'stay'. We cannot express enough the gratitude and appreciation we have for Ramelle, the teachers and staff!"

“We are new to Ann Arbor Hills but we’re already extremely happy with our decision to come here. Our 4-year-old son now loves school and can’t wait to see his teachers each day and that’s because of the personal attention he’s getting from his teachers. They are so calm and caring and that makes him feel safe. It’s not stressful at all to drop him off! We simply couldn’t be happier!”

"Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center is set apart by the attention and understanding they provide to their students as individuals. I have been amazed not only by how much my children have learned, but by how their passion for learning has been fostered. They feel safe to explore at Ann Arbor Hills, and I feel fortunate to send them there."

"Even more importantly, you helped him with his internal world. From you, he knows about the kindness and interest of teachers, to trust his own ideas and feelings, to be proud of his work, and about the joys and hurts of friendships. He always had your calm, wise and loving guidance. For all this, we are deeply grateful."

"We regret that we cannot take the school with us. Sending our children through your school has been one of the most satisfying parts of living in Ann Arbor. You have a wonderful program with fabulous teachers that nurture and challenge little people."

Students Say...

“If I were president…every day should be a school day.”

“My education at AAHCDC gave me the building blocks necessary to construct my future, essentially leading me towards my success in college. The main goal of the dedicated and caring staff at AAHCDC is to prepare each child to create a bright future for him or her self.”

“I love Ann Arbor Hills with all my heart. It was nice and quiet which was good for me and I wish Ann Arbor Hills went up to my grade so I could still be going there.”

“I am thankful for this school because the teachers sit on the floor and play with you.”

What I took away from AAHCDC was the phrase "You can't say 'you can't play'." As an adult, this phrase has shaped my development in the sense that it helped encourage me to maintain an open-minded outlook on life and the community around me. It can even be said that it was this phrase, taught at AAHCDC that steered me towards majoring in Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Michigan.

That's the thing about this school, you learn something new everyday.

Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center is a safe place. The teachers make learning really fun. The class size is small so we get lots of individual attention. We learned to work together with our friends. They encourage children to stand up for themselves in a positive way. In the Primary class, the teachers taught us at a level that met our needs and challenged us every day. It is a calm environment which makes learning easier. The teachers encourage us to use our imagination. We felt prepared to go on to the bigger school at third grade. We are strong self learners.