The Preschool Program.

Three Preschool Levels

BEAR ROOM 2½ - 3 yrs
   Mon/Wed 9:00 - 11:45
   Tues/Thurs 9:00 - 11:45

ZEBRA ROOM* 3 - 4 yrs
   Mon - Fri 9 am - noon
   Mon - Thurs 12:05 - 3 pm
   Enrichment* Mon - Fri noon - 3 pm

GIRAFFE ROOM* 4 - 5 yrs
   Mon - Fri 9 am - noon
   Mon - Thurs 12:05 - 3 pm
   Enrichment* Mon - Fri noon - 3 pm

*Flexible scheduling for number/combination of days


The goal of early childhood education is to ensure that children acquire the foundation of healthy development and learning necessary to achieve their full potential. Our curriculum is designed to foster achievement of long range goals in all domains – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical and addresses the development and learning of the whole child. Curriculum content reflects the needs and interests of individual children within the group and incorporates a wide variety of learning experiences, materials and equipment. Instructional strategies accommodate a broad range of children’s individual differences and prior experience, maturation rates, styles of learning, needs and interests.

At the center of our curriculum and woven throughout classroom activities and themes is a focus on our “natural world.” Children have a natural curiosity to explore and make sense of their world. They find meaning and relevance to their conceptual and skill learning within the predictability and gradual nature of the process of the life cycle. From day to day, season to season everything comes full circle. There is a continuity in all – from the tiny pumpkin seed collected in classrooms in the fall, to the winter drying time, the spring planting, the summer “nurturing,” the fall harvest and the return to school of a new pumpkin.

Daily Program

When the child enters the school she/he is greeted by the teacher and then is given the freedom to explore the various leaning activities and interest centers that have been prepared before arrival. These centers may be changed from week to week, day to day, and sometimes from hour to hour. Paint, clay, collage, blocks, books, dolls. etc. are all available. Each day is special. There is always something new or some way that is new. However, there are also enough things that remain the same to provide the security and comfort of familiarity. Learning centers are arranged for ease of movement and convenience of use, as well as for maximum challenge to the body and mind. There are also times during the day that the class gathers as a group to share a story, participate in Music or Spanish, learn a concept, or celebrate achievements and creations.

Program Goals