The Primary Program.

Primary School: Kindergarten Through Second Grade

4½ - 5 yrs   5 - 6 yrs   6 - 8 yrs
Mon - Fri 9 am - Noon   Mon - Fri 9 am - Noon   Mon - Fri 9 am - 3 pm
Mon - Fri
Noon - 3 pm   Enrichment*
Mon - Fri
Noon - 3 pm      

*Flexible scheduling offered


Our primary school spans the ages of 5 through 8 years. Some children have already been through our pre-school, others can join us at 5 or later, transferring from a variety of environments.

In the primary school the children are introduced to all the main subjects of the school curriculum. Academic subjects are approached according to the level and development of each child and, with encouragement, children can make rapid progress without undue pressure.

We place a strong emphasis on Literacy, Mathematics and Science--the core subjects. Other subjects such as History and Geography often take the form of project work. This directly involves the child’s capacity for absorbing new knowledge through their vital interest in the world around them. Computers are available in the classrooms, so that children become familiar with this medium of working. Music, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and Art are given additional support from specialist teachers.

Staff work closely together and discuss each child’s progress while more formal records of development are kept including academic evaluations, goal setting, work samples and self-assessments. So throughout their years in the primary school the children are supported by the understanding of the staff in a happy and encouraging family atmosphere, where their achievements are given recognition and value.

Essential Skills

The essential skills our students develop include: Communication - Literacy - Numeracy - Information - Problem Solving - Social - Decision Making - Self- management - Work and Study Habits - Flexibility of Thought - Cooperative work

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