Our staff is uniquely qualified and deeply caring.

Teachers are a school's most important asset. They are a critical factor in any child's education. Our staff is chosen not only for their professional qualifications and experience but also for their quality of being able to relate closely to the children in their care.

Children thrive when teachers are warm, interested, and committed to them as individuals. Our staff helps children learn while respecting each child's ability to learn in her/his own way. Since a child may stay with us throughout the early formative years, our staff has a particular opportunity of working together to provide a continuity of each child's education.

Our staff consists of highly trained professional educators whose specialization is early childhood education. Most have advanced teaching qualifications. The staff is also encouraged to maintain an active interest in wider developments in the educational world, particularly those giving an insight into each child's pattern of learning. This understanding gives additional support to the individual basis of our teaching approach. It is also very much part of the sound and professional methods of teaching in use in our school.