Other Interesting Things About AAHCDC.

Trip to the UM Stadium

Stadium South

The primary class recently took a field trip to the "Big House" on the athletic campus of the University of Michigan. Besides running down the player's tunnel and checking out the field, we used the measured space on the field to visualize how big a giant sequoia tree would be. We made a human circle the size of the base of that kind of tree—easily covering the block M in the middle of the field! And then, we saw how tall a 300-foot giant sequoia would be if it were lying down, stretching from one endzone to the opposite endzone. Many thanks to the University of Michigan for allowing this educational exercise! Oh yes, we also ran from one end of the field to the other. That was great physical exercise!

Stadium Seating and Tunnel

Garden Learning

Flower Beds

The Bear and Giraffe classes plant bulbs in the Fall in our box gardens. In the spring, we watch flowers grow from the bulbs and observe the buds develop and grow on the bushes and trees in the yard. This is hands-on learning! The gardens are very interesting because of all the variety that has been planted in them over the years. Last year, the boxes were upgraded and moved, and all the bulbs and other seeds were transferred with the dirt to the new location. The picture above shows the result!

In the Kitchen

Making Jam

Just a few years ago the Kindergarten class worked hard to make homemade Crab Apple Jelly from start to finish! We gathered the apples, processed them, canned them, and enjoyed our treat as a snack. The leftovers were entered into Downtown Home and Garden's 13th Annual Jam Contest and won a prize!

Another neat thing about this project is that we picked the crabapples from the trees on our school property. Unfortunately, the winter of 2013/14 took its toll and several of the trees didn't make it. But there are more!

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