Ours is a place that embraces individuality.


All children come to us with their own particular needs. Our individual approach makes it possible to provide for these needs. Every child also has a potential that must be recognized before it can be explored. So our staff are chosen for their sensitivity towards your children's needs and potential.

One common educational need is a thorough grounding in the basic skills. We aim to meet this need but to do so in the recognition of every child's individual development. At Ann Arbor Hills we draw out, nurture and enrich each child's inherent potential. We create an atmosphere of happiness, balance and sensitivity and keep alive the natural qualities of childhood, spontaneity, openness, freshness, gentleness and wonder.


Our work at Ann Arbor Hills Child Development Center is built upon a full and deep understanding of each child. In order to understand your child better and therefore to be able to nurture your child along an individual path, we need to establish open and regular communication between home and school. A quality program cannot exist without a partnership between staff and parents focused on the well being of the child. So we will always be happy to talk to you and parents are encouraged to discuss their child's achievements. This can happen informally, or in the more structured form of the parent-teacher conferences. Equally, children enjoy being able to present to parents aspects of their life at school so parents are invited to participate and share in varying ways throughout the school year. In this way we hope to build a close relationship with you during the time your child is with us.